Thesis available to download

My thesis is now available to download as a (rather large) PDF here.

Feedback would be great, but no grammar or spelling mistakes please (unless you're prepared to publish the thing). Best of luck to those still in the process – life is unimaginably better on the other side.


Paul said…
Hi Zoe, Your name popped up several times in a recent interview with Jon Walker and Dan Hallett, so I've placed a link to your blog at the bottom of the interview. Hope that's okay. You can find it here:

Best wishes,
Barrie Hesketh said…
Since my mother showed me Dashenka - a story with photos (Carol Capec 1933), I have accepted 'illustrations' but not as to be officiously dragged in - W.G (Max)Sabald, a friend, re-introduced me to the idea - I write to illustrate the pitures I first get in my head - My life has been in theatre - Most entertained by your blog, thanks.
Barrie Hesketh (http// I am 80 and not sure how to make a link, sorry
Zoe said…
Paul – thank you for your link, it's a great interview.
Barrie – thanks for reading, I've just looked up your blog and will have a read myself, your link worked fine, by the way!
Candice said…
Dear Zoe,

My name is Candice, I'm a French student and i'm working on my master thesis at the moment, which consists in analysing words and picture in Jonathan Safran Foer's work.
I just downloaded your thesis and am reading your analysis of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close at the moment. It's such a great job what you did, really, i'm impressed. wow.
Your work might be very very helpful for my thesis, and I would be very thankful if i could cite some passages (you would be part of my bibliography :))
Please tell me what you think.

Thank you,

Zoe said…
Candice – of course you can cite the work, research is for sharing, I'd be honoured! Good luck with your thesis, I'd love to hear how it goes if you'd like to send me a PDF when you're done!

Anonymous said…
Does the misspelling of a name count as spelling mistake? 'Allen' Moore.
Zoe said…
Yes, anonymous, it does count as a spelling mistake.
chemiah said…
Hi there Zoe.....First of all...I'd like to say that I adore your work!!It's superb!seriously....Actually I am doing my PhD at the moment..just started anyways...but how did you get motivated in doing all those?It's kid of a slow start for me at the moment....Anyways...great job on the research and the whole thing!
Christelle Harkema said…
Dear Zoë,

I just visited the Dab Lab, thanks for the inspiration! I will keep on thinking / writing on A3 to get my PhD thesis finished :-)

Zoe said…
Dear Christelle,
Do what ever you can do get it done! I also suggest taking afternoon naps. And Chemiah, I have no idea how I got started, but I just treated it like a job and a job with a very specific deadline. Good luck, both of you!
Manuel Teles said…
Hi Zoe, my name is Manuel Teles, a Brazilian design student... and I follow your blog since 2009 when I began my master's project. Many thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your moments and work. I have read your thesis and increasingly admire your humor, illustrations and everything. Now I'm getting ready to turn my dissertation printed and want to send you a big hug. Lots of light.
Zoe said…
Hi Manuel,
Thank you for your post, best of luch with your dissertation and for your research in the future! Best wishes, Zoe
akash dev said…
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Edna Taft said…
it is a good idea to publish thesis online. That way, a lot of people who are writing on the same field as you can acquire information and data from your work. But, I think it would be a good idea to post some sample thesis abstract so that we would know what kind of thing we would deal.
Hey Zoe! Just dropped off my final master's thesis work yesterday. I learned about your work from Alberto Hernandez and the-publishing-lab. Really enjoyed your work–and yes–it made it's way into my final project with all sources cited. My project is titled "Storylines: Siddhartha as hybrid novel" and it takes a look at visual storytelling and narrative structures culminating in a hybrid version of Hesse's book. Whew, it's a staggering amount of work, but I can already tell you that the view is better from the other side of the tunnel. Hope you are well, lets be in touch. Best, Tyler

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