upcoming public lecture > October 18, 2006

A free seminar through
the Centre for New Writing,
University of Technology, Sydney

18 October, 1-2 pm

UTS Building 2,
Level 7, Room 2.7065

1 Broadway, Broadway


The use of graphic elements – photographs, illustrations, diagrams, experimental typography – in contemporary fiction has increased significantly over the past couple of years. This phenomenon is evident in works by both established authors, like Umberto Eco and Douglas Copeland, and emerging authors, such as Jonathan Safran Foer and Mark Hammond.

Rather than simply illustrating the written text, many of these books use graphic elements as a literary device to consciously interrupt, or disturb, the written text.
  • What are some innovative examples of text/image interplay in new fiction?
  • How can graphic elements consciously interrupt or disturb the written text?
  • Who is generating these graphic elements, and why?
  • What can Visual Communications offer new writers?


Ben said…
sounds interesting, can't wait!
Anonymous said…
The lecture was fascinating Zoe, thank you for presenting it. I'm looking forward to seeing the .ppt online sometime soon and following up on some of the references you presented.

Thanks again.


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