Sundays - upcoming exhibition at UTS

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Sundays is an exhibition of three books, accompanied by annotated process work, that forms part of a practice-led PhD through the School of Design, University of Technology, Sydney.

Zoë Sadokierski’s research examines a developing literary phenomenon: the integration of typo/graphic elements in prose fiction (novels with pictures in them). This is of interest to Visual Communication Design because it reveals writers working in a ‘designerly’ way: writers are borrowing techniques and strategies from the designer’s toolbox.
Sundays investigates how and why typo/graphic elements could be integrated into a short story. Using three different typo/graphic devices – experimental typography, drawing/diagrams and ephemera/photographs – three separate versions of the same story (written by Katherine Danks) are presented as individual books.

Viewers are invited to sit and read each book separately, then reflect on their experience of reading the typographic, the illustrated and the photographic elements in each version.


Timo Rissanen said…
'Twas a beautiful opening with an ugly end. I can't remember eating dinner when I got home but some of it was still in my mouth this morning. But, what a great way to present your work!
Zoe said…
Unfortunately I do remember eating ... 2 filthy slices of pizza from a grease trap in Kings Cross. Very sophisticated.

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