visual communication or design?

I've started writing (it's much more difficult than I anticipated, but that's probably not surprising to anyone but me) and I think I need to start blogging again to store some of the issues as they arise.

Today's quandary is whether I use the term 'designer' or 'visual communicator'. Clearly, consistency is key. Initially, I thought it wouldn't matter as long as I am explicit in the introduction-ish section that in the context of this research, I am concerned with print design, but if part of my argument is that visual communication design partly straddles the Humanities and partly straddles Design, is using 'design' weakening my argument? Visual Communications is just more wieldy than Design in a sentence (however, it will possibly significantly pump up my word count).


Timo Rissanen said…
design: one word
visual communication: two words
visual communication design: three words

as always, i like your thinking
astrid said…
i find that the word 'communication' -- even when its attached to a specific identifying phrase (perhaps moreso) -- can become problematic. it can refer to a specific exchange or transition which is often far too abstract or radical to be named. the term 'design', i think, i necessarily non-specific. it gets my vote!

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