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It's been two months since my last post, in which time I've been working like a dog to get the thesis finished. I'm aiming to submit on the 31st of August, and using the logic a friend once used to travel to India – if I tell everyone I'm doing it, I'll have to follow through because repeatedly explaining why I'm not there is more hassle than just doing it (thanks, Drew).

One fairly major distinction I still need to clarify, and I'd love some feedback, is the distinction between analysis and critique. At the moment, I'm rolling with the idea that analysis is the process of breaking something apart to see how it works (taking a graphic device, like a photograph, and examining it as an image, but also a device in the context of the novel), whereas critique is making an evaluation of the effectiveness of the device. My issue is this – is critique an intrinsic part of analysis? Maybe, rather than critique, I really mean the articulation of critique ... but is that just a more complicated way of saying critique?

Again, any help here would be greatly appreciated.


nerdstar said…
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nerdstar said…
I think analysis is an intrinsic part of critique, though not necessarily the other way around. Analysis is breakdown and description, whereas critique adds an end-user/viewer POV and author opinion/evaluation to it. But it is a very thin line, which is probably why so much analysis includes unintended critique.

(I just noticed your older post about T.S. Spivet! Definitely a good treat post-work! I am savoring it slowly.)
Zoe said…
Very much looking forward to TS Spivet. Thanks for your post!

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