The end is here

I have three copies of the final thesis sitting next to me, and am just waiting for the person whose desk I have to drop them on to arrive. Thank you to all who gave me feedback and encouragement through this blog – it has been an invaluable tool for my research, and I can't recommend using a blog in this way highly enough.

As sanity slowly seeps back in and I realise what I have just accomplished, I leave those of you in the process of completing a thesis with some comments you should be prepared for in the final stages of writing, to avoid a sociopathic outburst:

Haven't you finished yet?
Calm down, they're probably trying to make a joke.

70,000 words ... how do you keep that interesting?
There is no response to this, and we both know why.

The look that accompanies how's it all going?
On part fear you will start to cry, three parts fear you will actually try to explain it. I'd like to point out I wasn't reduced to tears, but I'm pretty sure I bored a couple of people to death a couple of Saturdays ago. Sorry about that.

You look REALLY tired.
I've never understood why it's not ok to tell people when they look fat, but it's fine to tell them that they look awful. Nevertheless, it's probably true, so just try to smile so they don't think you look awful and you're miserable.

Right, the person has arrived, I'm off to submit, then sleep and drink, whichever happens first.


Anonymous said…
congratulations Zoe, I'm extremely envious. Good luck with the examination bit and let me know how it goes, teena

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