Digital Serials – a new space for illustration?

Amazon Publishing has introduced Kindle Serials, a format for publishing original content (previously unpublished work) in episodes. From the site:
"Kindle Serials are stories published in episodes. When you buy a Kindle Serial, you will receive all existing episodes on your Kindle immediately, followed by future episodes as they are published at no additional cost. Enjoy reading as the author creates the story, and discuss episodes with other readers in the Kindle forums."
They aim to have 15 titles published by the end of the year. Arthur Kelbanoff reports that Amazon Publishing is also releasing previously unpublished work by deceased authors, starting with Kurt Vonnegut. A collection of six short stories and an unpublished essay titled 'Sucker's Portfolio' is priced at $2.99. As soon as I finishing typing this, I'm buying it.

In the 17 and 1800s novels were published as serialised 'pamphlets', usually in volumes of three. Illustrations were commissioned by the publisher, to display in bookseller's windows, advertising the new installments – see the illustrations of William Hogarth, George Cruikshank and William Thackeray. These illustrations often made it into complete edition of these novels – as frontispiece illustrations or illustrated plates scattered in the text. Perhaps this is an opportunity for illustrators to work with literary fiction, reinventing the tradition.


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